Video Editing

Video Editing

Something in Communications media that I have always been interested in has been video editing. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work behind the scenes of television shows, Movies ect. When I was in High school I did gain experience editing raw footage for my high school senior project where we had to record a commercial related to a teen issue during that time. Going out actually shooting the commercial was really fun. The commercial was about teenage pregnancy and ways to prevent it. The video editing software that I learned how to use in my career technical television production class was Final Cut Pro. My teacher tried to teach us how to use Adobe Premiere, but I’ve always preferred Final Cut Pro because you can edit material on the same level as Adobe premiere its just much more simple its kind of like a iPhone versus android type of thing.

Using Adobe is much more complex. which is why I feel like it would have been much better if both software’s were introduced to me since the beginning of the class. Once I was familiar with Final Cut Pro I was not very open to using or leaning how to use any other editing software because it can really impact the results of your work. You might not know how to do different functions on the other software that you’re learning, but know how to do it perfectly in the one you learned how to use first. Therefore, it can really reflect badly on the quality of your editing work. What really drove me to continue to test out and learn Adobe was the fact that in the field of communication things are constantly changing. You have to be flexible and open to learning new things so that you are always up to date and using the best software for your work. Maintaining an open mind about this will make change much easier in this field.

Let me know which editing software you find the most helpful?


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