Beauty Blender

The famous beauty blender brand has finally came out with a new accessory for your beloved Beauty Blender. The brand has came out with new beauty blender cases. for those of you who do not know what a Beauty Blender is, it is basically a foam sponge used to apply makeup. The sponged is normally used damp because of its incredible ability to hold water. It evenly distributes the perfect amount of product on to your face without leaving any lines. They are shaped like a teardrop making it difficult to place in a spot without it rolling off onto the floor or rolling all over the place. That’s why people that use it are so exited to know that after years, the brand has finally made a case for it.

Meanwhile, other love this new accessory others are raising some concern about how hygienic it really is. People are saying that because the makeup sponge is used damp, storing it in the Beauty Blender case would be a bad idea because it can grow bacteria while in the case. Others argue that you can first let your beauty blender dry off then put in the case, but lets be honest, no body has time to wait around until the Beauty Blender is completely dry just to put it away. The case does have openings but the case is only big enough to fit the blender when its in its small state and not damp.

Hopefully, in the near future the brand will upgrade their cases to fit the Beauty Blender when it is damp. I think that would be a lot more convenient specially for people who do not have time to wait around for it to dry. I usually just place my beauty blender on top of a plastic makeup holder and let it dry there until the next time I use it. There it can freely dry and will not grow bacteria or become nasty and stained. What are your thoughts, will you be getting a Beauty Blender case? COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE !


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