Chapter 22

This week we talked about a lot of familiar artists…Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, and Buddy Holly. I was most excited to talk about Elvis. I have a few all-time favorite singers and he is definitely one of them. Elvis is one of the artists I wish I could of seen live in concert. I first heard Elvis when I was very young. I lived with my grandparents and we had an old record player that we would play his records on. I think Elvis has a one of a kind voice and when I listen to him I just kind of get in a trance or something. He could sing soft and sweetly in songs such as “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and “Love Me Tender” or sing raspy, upbeat, and powerful in “Hound Dog”, and “Jailhouse Rock” and it would just make you want to get up and dance. I know that he is well known for his “handsome/good looks”, his dance moves (Elvis with the pelvis), being “The King of Rock and Roll”, and his unique musical style. He also has a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. She is also a singer and has three albums: “To Whom It May Concern”, “Now What”, and “Storm & Grace”. Elvis recorded many songs and had many hits, he served in the Army, appeared in movies such as Blue Hawaii, and appeared on television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show.

Elvis made a huge impact on music. He was the most successful artist of the mid-1950s, when rock and roll was flourishing. He started out young (19) and unfortunately died at 42. I thought it was interesting in the reader when Phillips said in his interview about how Elvis was introverted. He didn’t play with bands and he thought he just played inside his home but not even on the porch. It just makes you think about what he thought about all his success and people going crazy over him.

Elvis was and I think, still is a huge hit. In stores I see things you can buy that has his face or name on it (especially around Christmas), a channel on television that only plays Elvis’ music, and his music is often played on the radio today. I didn’t realize that some of Elvis’ songs were country style such as “That’s All Right, Mama”. It’s impressive that he could swoop his voice almost two octaves at times.

Other interesting facts about Elvis Presley:

In New York City’s Hard Rock Café there is a piece there that belonged to Elvis that is preserved in a glass case. (I forget if it was a shirt or a guitar but I know I took a picture of it!)

When I visited Hawaii, there was a huge billboard of him right beside our hotel. I tried looking it up online but could not find it anywhere.

I actually listened to Elvis songs the entire time I wrote this.:)

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