Michael Jackson!

As I said in class, I really like Michael Jackson’s music but didn’t know too much about him. I knew he started out singing very young, he was a very talented dancer, he was black then his skin was white, and that he was involved in some incident with a baby. I know at least one of his songs are on rock band or guitar hero. He was also called The King of Pop and sold millions of albums. Michael has a very distinct voice. When he is singing you have to know it’s him. I can honestly say I’ve never heard a voice like Michael’s before. Michael’s voice is smooth and he can hit some extraordinary notes. He has this powerful, strong, and a little bit raspy kind of voice. He is a natural singer. You also know it is Michael singing because he always said Eeee heee! His music videos are interesting. I like his videos because it grabs your attention and they are actually about something. They are all different and have something unique about them. Today a lot of music videos really don’t have a meaning or anything interesting about them. They mainly focus on “the looks” of the artist. Music videos today seem like they are all the same. They don’t tell a story or pull you in, wanting to see what is next. Michael’s videos are creative and artistic. I love all the dancing he does. He is awesome at moonwalking! For my senior variety show I was in a group dance. We did about 3 or 4 different songs and one of them was Thriller. We tried our best to do it the way they did it in the video. It was actually way harder than I expected! It took a ton of practice. I know a lot of Michael’s songs but some of my favorite songs by Michael are “Thriller”, “Black or White”, “Beat It”, “Billie Jean”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Bad.” I don’t know how you can’t get the urge to dance or sing to Michael’s songs. I think they are some of the best dance songs because of the beat. Not only do you pay attention to Michael’s voice but to all the sounds in the background. A lot of them are fast paced, they are dance songs! I think if he was still living today he would continue to make amazing music, unique and different from anyone else. I would have really liked to have gone to one of Michael’s concerts. It would have been amazing! He was a great entertainer and singer.

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