Chapter 7

For this assignment I chose Chapter 7 to react to. Ever since I was really young I’ve had a deep interest in music. I had a karaoke machine that I would use all the time. I would sing everyday for hours. I never could get my voice to be very strong though. I try to connect with music and artists and I’m very open to listening to all kinds of music. To me, it was very interesting to read about Bessie Smith. I enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts about her. You learn that it’s not all about the outside but what is on the inside. They were mostly very positive  comments and they all thought she was the best. After reading Danny Barker’s comments it made me want to hear her live. It definitely caught my attention when it said how loud and powerful she can sing. It’s awesome to see that her first record sold 780,000 copies. Also that she didn’t need a microphone and that she didn’t rehearse her records. I even got the chance to listen to some of her songs online. Personally I listen to a lot of powerful singers who really do put their heart and voice into their music. When I find a band I like I always look them up live on YouTube to hear their real voices. I could sit all day and listen to powerful singers and lyrics. I do like quite a bit of older music. Now, it’s hard for me to find music that I really enjoy. I might have to look into Bessie Smith’s songs more!