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Everybody needs somewhere to live. Homes are important, a place to stay safe and exist. Even your podcasts need a home. Homeless podcasts are podcasts with no listeners, and that’s bad news. So, where should your podcast live? Let’s find out!
There are a number of platforms and services for hosting podcasts and related media. One of the simplest, however, is YouTube. Nothing is stopping you from uploading hour-plus videos of your podcast directly to YouTube. This is a good way to get views, especially if you already have a YouTube audience. However, monetizing YouTube for a podcast is difficult. You’ll rely only on watch time, ads, and sponsorships for money, for an upload that takes a long time to record, edit, and upload. YouTube’s paid subscription options, like Members, are in the early stages, so I don’t recommend hedging all bets on it. Spotify is another site worth looking into.
I briefly mentioned Spotify when discussing software for making podcasts, since Spotify hosts Anchor. Spotify is a very popular platform for music and podcasts alike with a stronger monetization system for podcasts than YouTube. Once your podcast is posted, it can be streamed at any time, just like you would music on the platform. This is a very good option in my opinion. As well, with Anchor built into the platform, you have a solid editing program connected to your host.
Lastly, I wanted to discuss Apple Podcasts. Apple is no stranger to making money. Apple Podcasts is a solid platform boasting many successful shows, a great monetization system, and options for audience interaction. However, the platform is also notorious for a steep entry price. Subscribing to Apple Podcasts, the only way to host costs 20 bucks annually. That fee is annoying but passable. However, Apple additionally takes not only 15 percent of profits each year, but also 30 percent of profit for your debut year. This is a brutal percentage that no other major platform rivals. Additionally, Apple will not allow you to host or post your podcast elsewhere, so it forces all eggs into the Apple-shaped basket.
Did any of these hosting platforms sound appealing to you? Leave a comment below telling me why or why not! If you enjoyed this post or learned something from it, subscribe to my blog and share it with a friend!
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