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Abe’s Top 10 Top 10 List Tips

Hello everyone, today’s post will be a bit different! Today, I’ll be counting down my Top 10 tips for making a Top 10 list! Top 10 lists are a popular form of media that are easy to make, whether it’s a video or article! So, here we go!

10. Editing is everything!

Always make sure to amp up the editing in a Top 10. Top 10s can risk being boring due to their simple and formulaic nature, so be sure to spice them up with cut-ins, appealing graphics, especially big numbers, and music!


9. Have a clear focus!

Sometimes a Top 10 list will read like a badly done essay. Have a clear focus, pathway, and concept for your list before you begin writing! Each entry should flow seamlessly into the next. The reason these things are being compared at all should be apparent.


8. Script it all out!

Like any good discussion video, a good Top 10 List has a script! Some people believe that Top 10s, due to their simple nature, don’t require the same kind of planning that a review or other form of discussion has. This is untrue! Audiences will immediately pick up on rambling, disconnected thoughts, or other signs of bad preparation.


7. The rank only kinda matters!

Arguably the least important part of a Top 10 list is the order in which the things are presented. This is shocking, I know. Most Top 10 lists are really just glorified archives of a niche and interesting topic. Viewers are there for the content, not really your specific ranking. However, for more competitive things, such as the greatest X or Y of all time, I recommend planning and being confident on your order, as definitive and competitive ratings like that will draw angry comments.


6. Explain yourself!

No one likes to hear someone say “this is the best” if they cannot defend their answer. The same goes for someone criticizing something. Always be detailed, clear, and thorough on why something was or was not ranked where it was, explaining your thought process!


5. Browse Around!

Like every other form of internet content, Top 10 lists have been done before! I recommend examining your peers and contemporaries to find what does and does not work for others. There is no shame in borrowing concepts or learning from the mistakes of others!


4. Honor and Glory!

“Honorable Mentions” is an often-overlooked but critical concept. Always, when applicable, present criteria for why certain notable answers did not make it onto your list! A list of Top 10 Superheroes that lacks Superman will likely need to give a defense as to why they didn’t choose to list him!


3. Hype Train!

Build hype however you can! Between each entry, amp up the music, get more excited in the presentation of numbers, and use more hyperbolic language to describe each object. The goal of a Top 10 list should be to get the viewer excited to see what the NUMBER ONE answer is!


2. Break Up the Flow!

The formula and flow of a Top 10 list, especially a video, can get very same-y. It never hurts to add a deep explanation, an anecdote, or a skit during a top 10 list between or during entries! As long as it is relevant to the content, diversions are appreciated! I even recommend putting sponsorships and the usual requests to the audience (like, share, comment, subscribe, follow, etc.) during the content, to break up the flow of conversation and not risk dumping a “boring ad” right after the number one entry hype dies down.


1.Use Pretty Pictures!

Every Top 10 list deserves graphics and media to go with it. Photos and videos of what is being ranked are a MUST have for comparison-type content. As well, you are all but required to have distinct and eye-catching designs for your numbers 1-10!


And that’s the list! I hope you learned something today or enjoyed this silly post! If you did, please subscribe to my blog and share this with a friend! Do you like Top 10 Lists? Or do you think they’re a little tacky? Leave a comment why below and explain your answers! Thanks for reading!

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