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Abe Is Online

Who IS Abe?

Hello, Reader! My name is Abram, but most people call me, “Abe.” I’m a journalism student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a writer with experience writing for both The Penn and The Mainline, a photographer, an actor, and a nerd! When I’m not in class, you can often find me online, hence the name! I want to work in media journalism – discussing and reviewing movies, video games, web series, anime, and more! I’m driven by a love of media, especially modern online content! Here on “Abe Is Online,” I hope to connect with people with similar interests! As an experienced writer and photographer in and out of the classroom, I hope I can help interested readers sharpen their skills or just post something that interests them! If you have a love for media, a passion for writing, or you just think I sound fun, Subscribe to this blog for more Abe-like content!

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