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All’s Fair In… – Introduction to Fair Use

Some people say that nothing is truly original, as most things are derivative of something else in the world. However, you are still required to pay loads of money if you break copyright laws and use someone else’s material unlawfully. So how do shows exist like podcasts or reviews about D&D, Star Wars, or Pokemon? Today we will be discussing how to lawfully and safely use copyright material for your productions.

Note that copyright law is a very deep and complicated topic with different rulings depending on each type of medium you use and the medium you’re putting this into. Today’s lesson will focus entirely on Podcasts and YouTube videos, as well as modern Internet perceptions of copyright law. This will not apply to filmmaking, remixing for music, or anything like that. For a general explanation of fair use and copyright law, I recommend the Stanford web page on fair use and copyright. Also please note I’m not a legal professional and none of this counts as official legal advice you should speak with a lawyer or do your own research before you do anything.

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