Invitation to be part of a Theatrical Event at IUP in Spring 2021: PLAY WITH US!

Hello and greetings from Seattle!

I am Llysa Holland, one of the artistic instigators of theater simple, and we are collaborating with the Lively Arts program at IUP on a spring 2021 performance.

Crafted in collaboration with the Schools of Theatre, Dance and Performance in a 3-month residency, CARAVAN CHRONICLES: ReUnion will be an expansive and inclusive collection of both analog and digital events, culminating in a gleeful faux-family reunion. Audience members of all ages become part of the ‘family’ at a semi-traditional (and highly idiosyncratic) event, contributing to the family lore with stories, memories, art and haiku. We will be kicking off with a documentary podcast series in Winter 2021, encouraging connection in distancing times.

We are reaching out to see if we can invite you and your network into the fun, as we’d love to involve more people on campus and in the community. As the structural framework of the event is a ‘family reunion’, it feels to us that reconnecting the school to itself, and the university to the town after the forced distancing of the pandemic would be a positive action, and another way to ‘bloom’ in the spring.

Of course, there are on-going conversations about how this will happen given the pandemic, and the likely necessity to still be physically distant but for now, I’d love to pique your interest to come closer and participate.

We would love to have a conversation with you to tell you more of the project – might you have 20 minutes in the next few weeks for a conversation? Optimum days for a phone call or Zoom-action are Tues, Weds and Thursday. (If none of these suit, we will still figure it out) Additionally, we will in In Indiana, PA Feb 2-8 if a live distanced visit across an empty room is a possibility.

thanks so much for your time! Hope to speak with you soon!

stay well –


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