Major Fellowships Meeting (Great Hall)

CHC students,

Prior to the creation of the Cook Honors College, IUP students had won only two Fulbright Grants for study and research abroad – one back in the 1960s. IUP’s record was similar to that of the other PASSHE schools until CHC students began to raise aspirations among themselves and for other IUP students.

Fourteen CHC graduating classes present, among other awards: nine Fulbrights, two Fulbright alternates, five Goldwaters, three NSF awards and an NSF Teaching award, two Marshall and two Truman finalists, a Freeman Asia, a Pickering, a Udall honorable mention, and a Rhodes finalist. This is a truly remarkable record for such a relatively small pool of graduates, which would be all the more remarkable if IUP were able to add to this all of the Fulbright and NSF awards our alumni win in graduate school. Happily, IUP students outside the CHC began to apply for and win these awards as well including at least two additional Goldwaters and two Fulbrights.

All this is to say that you all, as Honors College students, are great candidates for these prestigious awards. So Dr. Susan Boser (IUP’s appointed adviser for these types of awards) and I are organizing an informational workshop for all CHC freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to talk about the differences between these scholarships and other technicalities of the awards which you all should know about.

This event will happen in the Great Hall of Whitmyre on Wednesday, April 1st, from 7pm to 8pm.

No need to RSVP, but it’s imperative that you attend if you have any interest whatsoever about applying for any of these scholarships. As always, come talk to me if you have any questions. Best, cf

Dr. Caleb Finegan
Director, Cook Honors College at IUP

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