Yale Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship application available on 1 Nov

The Yale Summer Undergraduate
Research Fellowship (SURF) becomes available on Thursday, 1 November.  If
you’ve been meaning to reach out to a promising student about this opportunity,
please do so now.  Visit t
on 1 Nov for the application and all the guidelines.

The Yale SURF is designed to provide research experiences for
qualified undergraduates that will familiarize students with the kind of work
they can expect to do in graduate school, provide them with insight into the
many steps involved in building a career based on Ph.D. level training, as well
as foster a sense of confidence regarding their own abilities and potential.
Students are immersed in an academic, professional setting involving a working
relationship with a faculty mentor, a post doctoral associate, and/or an
advanced graduate student, a program of individual research, and participation
in a series of program workshops and panel discussions. The focus of the program
is primarily on research and on the methods of professional research. Students
in the natural sciences learn advanced laboratory methods and conduct Ph.D.
level research in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Students in the
humanities and social sciences work closely with mentors and have at their
disposal the considerable archival resources found in the Yale University
libraries. Emphasis is also placed on the presentation of research findings to
colleagues. All students develop a proposal, give a final presentation to their
peers, submit a written final paper, and attend the Leadership Alliance National
Symposium to present their research at the meeting.
Here are some of the requirements:
  • Students should be sophomores or juniors and have a goal of
    doing research at the PhD level. I don’t think they will consider students
    interested in professional degrees as favorably as other applicants.
  • The
    program at Yale is particularly interested in identifying and providing
    research experience to talented students from historically underrepresented
    groups.  They consider it part of their effort to increase the pipeline
    of minority candidates pursuing PhDs and careers in higher education.
  • The
    application becomes available on November 1 and is due February 1, 2013. 
  • On
    the application students select up to 3 schools to consider their application.
    If Yale is one of their 3, please send me their full name,
    program/department, year (sophomore, etc).
    Once the Feb 1 deadline
    hits I will send the list of PASSHE applicants to Yale.
    That’s the mechanism we’ve established so that our students get an
    early review. I must be notified by 28 January 2013 of students who
    have selected Yale if they are to receive priority review.
  • This is not something you can send students to and tell them
    to apply.  The program is competitive and selective.  Students will
    need to be mentored and supported through the process to ensure that they have
    all application materials and have presented themselves and their work in the
    best light.
If selected as a fellow for Yale’s SURF, students are housed at no charge
in the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dormitory. Students receive a
$1,000 food allowance at the start of the program. Air or train transportation
to and from the program will be covered up to $450 (not including excess luggage
charges). All travel arrangements are made through the SURF Program Office.
Students will also receive a stipend of $3,000 upon successful participation in,
and completion of, the program.

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