June 19th 2018 archive

Influencer Marketing #2

Brands are beginning to take a stand against Influencer Marketing and the influencers that’s are not so trustworthy. Now on Instagram people have the ability to purchase followers, which is seen as being very untrustworthy by big name brand companies. The reason why they are bothered is because since the industry makes about one billion dollars a year, they want to ensure that their money is being well spent. They want to pay influencers that have real followers not bought ones. They have decided to not work with people that have bought followers because it takes away from the real possible engagement effect that the influencer is supposed to have with their followers, it has to be authentic. The company Unilever made an announcement basically saying that it is very unfortunate that they have to do this do to the small percentage of people that choose to lie about buying fake followers.

This really sets back the industry of Influencer marketing because a lot of social media influencers have gained a lot of their followers by buying them and they will no longer be able to be hired by large companies like Unilever. This makes it more difficult for people with fake followers to take advantage of these types of companies. Not to mention that people lying about how they gained their followers can cost large companies a lot of money because in the end the influencer doesn’t really influence people in the right way. That makes using an influencer as a form of selling your products and services not effective when the followers are not authentic.

The Companies standing up to this issue and refusing to pay people with fake followers is the first step to really making sure they aren’t being ripped out of their money. Most importantly being ripped out of their time and not having done any influencing what so ever.

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