Will You Live For Malia Civetz?

Malia Civetz. Have you heard of her?

Once again, I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t because I didn’t know who she was until May of 2018.

It’s funny because Malia Civetz makes beautiful music and has an incredible voice, but I feel like I know nothing about her. She is definitely a newer artist because she only has a total of three songs out. Nevertheless, this girl blows my mind with her vocals.

The song that I fell in love with was “Little Victories” and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea how I found this song but I’m not mad about it at all. Listening to this song brings back so many memories. I listened to this song while I was aboard in London over the summer. It reminds me of the tubes rides I would take to and from my internship. It reminds me of the days I would walk around to explore. I love what this song means to me in that sense, but I love what the song means in its literal sense.

This song is all about a being in a relationship with someone and trying to rekindle a love that has been broken. She’s cheering for the little victories that she has to get this relationship back to where it was. At least this is what I got from the lyrics.

Being a newly developed artist, it’s hard to automatically become a mainstream artist unless you know some very important people. I think the more music that Malia Civetz puts out, the more people will be able to get to know her and what she is capable of. I for one, am super excited to see what she comes out with because I love her stuff so far.

Give her a listen on literally anything that has access to the internet. I promise she is everything.

Comment down below an artist who is extremely new to the industry that you just love! I want to know!

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