It’s Like Walking On Air!

John-Luke Carter. Have you heard of him?

This is an artist that I don’t know a whole ton about because my discovery of him only happened a few weeks ago. If by any chance, you know more information about the man I’m going to be telling you all about, let me know down below.

John-Luke Cater goes by the stage name Mokita. He is a Nashville native that is a singer-songwriter and producer. He would fit in the genre of electronic-pop.

This seems to be the type of music that I live for.

I found Mokita on Spotify. I believe it was Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and I was listening to the Singled-Out playlist on there. His song “London” came on and I loved it. It’s a slower song but I loved it so much because I knew the places he was singing about because I’ve been to them. I also kind of related to the song in a different sense of how it was written. The song was written about a girl that he misses, and he writes this song about how he goes to the places I believe that they were probably planning to go see together while they were a couple. I guess, London was on that list and he decided to go without her. I related to this song because my best friend and I have been talking about going to London since the day I met her, practically. This past summer, I went without her. She was sad about it but ultimately happy. I thought about this when he sings the lyrics “I saw London without you” which is what I did.

That certainly wasn’t the only reason why I loved this song. He is just so pure, and you can hear that in his voice. Listening to his song while I write this, you just kind of know that he is singing from the heart. I’m no expert when it comes to using the right terms to describe someone’s voice but for Mokita, his voice has so much buoyancy. It’s like its floating on air. That’s the best way I would describe it.

Mokita has been around since 2015 but he hasn’t yet made his way to mainstream music. I think the reason being would be the fact that no one really knows who he is. His song “London” only has a little less than a million streams on Spotify. It might seem like that’s a lot of people but in reality, when it comes to music, that’s a little number.

I think if more people go and listen, we can make better-known. I want people to listen to his voice and hear how it is buoyant.

Take a listen to Mokita on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or whatever other platforms where you can listen to music.

Comment down below an artist who you believe has a voice that makes you think you are laying on a bed of clouds!

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