We Love A Good Chill Vibe

Alexander O’Connor. Have you heard of him?
If you are someone who is into Indie Pop, Neo Soul, Alternative Hip Hop or Blue-eyed Soul, he is the man for you.

Alexander O’Connor for those who don’t know goes by the stage name, Rex Orange County. He is a 20-year-old from Haslemere, United Kingdom.

I have come to know and love this man when I came across his song “Loving Is East.” We once again can thank Spotify for this discovery. I’m telling you, if you are looking for new music, listen to the Singles-Out playlist. At this point, it hasn’t steered me wrong. Anyways, this song definitely gives me that Blue-eyed soul vibe. If you aren’t sure what that means exactly, it’s like a mix of rhythm, blues, and soul. This name was given to white artists that sung soul and R&B. It was coined by in the mid-’60s.

Rex Orange County makes the kind of music that you would want to listen to, to be in a chilled laid-back mindset. It’s smooth. It’s something I would want to listen to if I was sitting in a coffee shop doing some homework. His music puts you in a mood that “Hey, maybe today will be a good day.” I don’t know about you, but I love being in that mood.

I wish Rex Orange County would be more mainstream because I think people need to have more chill vibes in their lives. Just imagine this song coming in through your car radio and being so relaxed and at ease. I do guess that you can’t really put that picture in your mind if you haven’t listened to it before.

Go ahead and give my man a good listening too. I know you won’t regret it because I certainly didn’t.

Let me know down below someone who makes you feel relaxed when you listen to them. I’m actually dying to know because I need new songs to listen to when I’m stressed!

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