Spreading My Love for Astrid

Astrid Smeplass. Have you heard of her?

You may know this woman as Astrid S which is her stage name. If at this point, you don’t know, I will gladly fill you in on some information.

Astrid S is a 22-year-old from Berkak, Norway. She fits in the music genre of Pop and Tropical House.

This is another artist where I found on a random playlist on Spotify. I would have to say this playlist was most likely Singled Out which is where I tend to find a lot of when music when I’m on Spotify.
I think why I started to listen to her music is because of the song “Hurts So Good.” I think I just related to this song way more than I should have. This song to me is pretty much about leaving a relationship and trying your hardest not to go back because of how they hurt you, but you are so blinded by their love. I hate to admit it, but I have been there, and I don’t plan on ever going back. I also think I relate to it so much is because she is the same age as me going through the same thing all girls in their early 20’s goes through. It’s tragic but very much so true.

Astrid isn’t a mainstream artist like almost all the artist that I have written about but at this point, don’t you think being mainstream is overrated? I know, I have been talking about artists that I think are underrated and just trying to convince other to listen and try to see what I see in them but am I doing this so these artists can become mainstream? Personally, I don’t think so. I’m spreading the love for those who deserve it. I’m spreading love to artists like Astrid who has probably been dreaming of having any kind of success since a very young age. Those are the people that I wish got more attention because they are so genuine and so grateful for whatever has come their way.

Astrid is no different than the rest of the ones I have written about. She is sharing a passion with the world just like I am sharing my passion for all kinds of music and artists with the world.

Listen to Astrid. Her songs will definitely make you feel some type of way but in a good way.

Let me know how Astrid S made you feel in the comments below!

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