Where’s The Dance Party?

M-22. Have you heard of them?

Well, you are not only if you haven’t because I have only been a fan of theirs since around April or May.

Once again, I don’t remember much to how I discovered them, but I can tell you who they are if you aren’t too sure.

M-22 is a duo made up of a British-German DJ and a producer. They go by the names of Matt James and Frank Sanders. The genre of music that they make is pop and dance music. Which are my two favorite things! If its something I can dance too and act like a fool in the comfort of my own bedroom, it is my kind of music.

The song that I gravitated to the most was “First Time.” This is the type of song that makes you want to dance the night away. I know, for me, this song really gets me in the dancing mood. I love that feeling so much. When a song gives you the ability to dance like no one is watching is a song that I need in my life at all times especially when things start to get stressful. There is nothing wrong with a good dance break.

Once again, this is dance music and there are DJ and a producer, so music like this isn’t going to be heard on the radio because of how many DJ’s are out there making equally as good music. But that doesn’t mean we should stop supporting this duo.

You know what to do, go look them up and start a dance party in your own bedroom. I’m telling you, its great. Just trust me.

Let me know down below a song you just love to dance too! I’m really interested to know the answer to this!

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