That One Album

Ok, I admit.  One time I asked my friend, “Whats a good album to listen to while having a drink”. His first response was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I knew it was by the Beatles, and was a popular album, but I never actually took the time to listen to it and appreciate it.  The album was the 8th studio album released by the Beatles, and blends the style of rock and pop together.  The whole album is very catchy and produces a relaxed/fun atmosphere.  There was something about the lyrics too that stood out. After doing background research, its easily confirmable that the lyrics may possibly be linked to drug usage. “I get high with a Little Help From my Friends” is an example. Nothing, however, is more notorious than the song Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.  John Lennon claims it was inspired by a nursery school drawing called Lucy-in the sky with diamonds. But its no secret that is could also stand for LSD.  Lennon denies these rumors, but if you really take a deep analysis of the lyrics… you may think otherwise.  This is just one song on the album however, and like I said, if you ever need an album to relax with a drink in hand, maybe this is the album for you.

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