The Face Behind the Music

Many great modern pop songs were written by the same artist, Sia. Diamonds by Rihanna, Pretty Hurts by Beyonce,  Perfume by Britney Spears,  Loved Me Back to Life by Celine Dion… the extensive list goes on.  Sia is so gifted that she can write a song in 10 minutes and it will become a number one selling song. Ironically I titled this the face behind music, but Sia is notorious for never showing her face. Why? Because she has a disorder that makes her very shy and self conscious of herself. More so, she doesn’t want all the fame that comes with being a pop star. She described once in an interview that she is at the point in her life where she can walk in Target while her song is playing on the radio, and people won’t even know she’s the one singing it.  She also is infamous for just showing her blonde hair, and many wigs are made to look like it so that way basically anyone can put on that wig and become Sia and sing her songs. She wants her music to speak, not her looks. Sia also has amazing vocals herself, and is heard on her hit song Chandelier.  I respect everything Sia stands for, for her support for civil rights and equality for everyone, to her humbleness of letting anyone basically be her and have their voice be heard.

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