My favorite punk rock band

We talked about a few punk bands in class, but growing up, I listened to a variety of styles of music, one of them being punk rock. The first band that comes to my mind is Blink-182, who consisted of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge. These three men were always ahead of their league releasing literally anything they wanted to sing about, making it a hit. Their hits include “I Miss You” ¬†which is a very dark song with sad lyrics to more outgoing creative hits such as ‘Family Reunion” which is a 30 second song with just curses for lyrics. The biggest hit that probably everyone can sing along to is “All The Small Things”. Blink 182 has been around for along time, and I wast really of age to go to a concert like that when they were in their prime time. Since then, they have parted many times, and reunited, but still I would give anything to travel back in time to hear these guys perform live when they were a well-rounded functional band. While Blink-182 may be never what they used to be, their old music will live on for many years to come for punk rock fans as they were such a monumental band.

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