Country with a kick of Rock

In our book, “Popular Music in America”, there is an article on the Dixie Chicks, particularly with their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. The music video mixed traditional and modern, rural and urban, and real and surreal sounds to encapsulate the creative tension between then and now that characterizes much contemporary music. The two version’s of Landslide sound like not-too-distant points on a continuum. That is partially because the lead singer of the Dixie Chick’s voice is not too different than that of Stevie Nicks. ┬áIt features an intricate acoustic guitar accompaniment to banjo and mandolin, added acoustic bass, guitar, and dobro, and sang the chorus in their trademark three-part close harmony. The song would serve as a prelude to the groups more thorough embrace of rock. Their album Taking The Long Way, is described as ” This album should sound like a great rock act making a country album, not a country act making a rock album. Taking the Long Way won several Grammys and entered the billboard Top 200 album charts at number one.

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