We talked about glam rock and Ziggy Stardust in class, who was a great example. However, when i think of glam rock, I think of the classic act known as Twisted Sister. Twisted Sister’s songs explore themes of parent vs. child conflicts and criticisms of the educational system. Twisted Sister’s glam was different from Ziggy’s in the sense that this band used more masculine sounds and their make up was more towards the  grotesque side instead of beauty.  This iconic image has brought it’s up and downs to the band. hey disbanded for many years and since reuniting their popularity hasn’t seem to be as great as it once was. This could be a testimony that image isn’t everything, it all comes down to if the music is good or not. “Were Not Gunna Take It” will probably remain as their greatest song during their period of fame.

On a personal side note, their Christmas album was in my opinion decent, and their cover of O Come All Ye Faithful somehow always seems to end up on my Christmas playlist…

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