Want to Eat Pizza and Save a Child’s Life Tonight?


I hope I’m not the only person to just now find out Papa Johns provides a discount to customers while supporting the children at the Penn State Children’s Hospital? I do admit, I rarely thought twice about this place when I was trying to satisfy my pizza cravings, but after learning about their cooperation with the CMN, my admiration for them is ginormous. They work with our community and represent everything that I want our town to be: united.

They work with the Children’s Miracle Network in Hershey to raise money for the children while also giving their customers a discount on their orders. When they use a promo code while ordering, a portion of the discount goes to the children!!

So, if you want to save some money, enjoy a hot meal, and help the children all you have to do is order online and use the Children’s Miracle Network promo code! You can find it at the Hershey Children’s Miracle Network website but I will provide down below as well!




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