Hello everyone! My name is Morgan Detweiler and I am from the Hershey, Pennsylvania area. Growing up I loved living in this small town because of the contributions that it has made to the community for so many years. For instance, the legacy that Milton Hershey created for orphaned children, a staple to the Hershey area.

I am a junior at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I am studying Communications Media. In my free time, I enjoy photography, travel, running, and most importantly volunteering. I thank my role model, my father, for raising me to be an individual that gives back to the community and sees the value of helping those in need. He is half of the inspiration to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and the other half being the children of course!

I started volunteering at a young age. I would go with my dad and help collect food for the poor at our local church. In high school, I was a volunteer for the Special Olympics. I briefly helped do Witch Watch where high schoolers walk around the Hummelstown area during Trick-or-Treat and provide help to anyone that may need it. For the past several summers I have provided my time to the FFO carnivals; my favorite thing to do is scoop ice cream the customers. Lastly, my favorite volunteer experience was with the Hummelstown Fuzzy Few Organization where I helped teach basketball to elementary and middle school girls after school. I loved being a role model for the girls and I have such a special place in my heart for this program because I started out as one of those elementary school girls as well.