5 Facts You Might Not Know About the CMN in Hershey, PA

For many people in the central Pennsylvania area, there might be little awareness of how beneficial the Children’s Miracle Network in Hershey is to the Penn State Children’s Hospital. Here are a few useful facts about the organization which is actively saving the lives of children on a daily basis.

By having a better understanding of the organization and the contributions they make towards the children, it makes me want to be a part of the good as well! I hope after reading these you take more pride in the work that comes out of the community’s ability to support the children that live in it!

Fast Five:

  1. They have raised over $69 million for the Penn State Children’s Miracle Network since 1984.
  2. Over $4.5 million have been raised in the 2017-2018 year. 
  3. 100,000 children are treated at the Penn State Children’s Hospital each year. 
  4. In the 2018 year, CMN had over 100,000 patient visits come from the Dauphin County area alone. 
  5. Hershey is one out of the 170 children’s hospitals that the Children’s Miracle Network is in partnership with. 


Interested to find out more? These above facts, as well as many others, can be found by clicking the link below!

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