Want to Eat Pizza and Save a Child’s Life Tonight?


I hope I’m not the only person to just now find out Papa Johns provides a discount to customers while supporting the children at the Penn State Children’s Hospital? I do admit, I rarely thought twice about this place when I was trying to satisfy my pizza cravings, but after learning about their cooperation with the CMN, my admiration for them is ginormous. They work with our community and represent everything that I want our town to be: united.

They work with the Children’s Miracle Network in Hershey to raise money for the children while also giving their customers a discount on their orders. When they use a promo code while ordering, a portion of the discount goes to the children!!

So, if you want to save some money, enjoy a hot meal, and help the children all you have to do is order online and use the Children’s Miracle Network promo code! You can find it at the Hershey Children’s Miracle Network website but I will provide down below as well!




What’s it Like to be a Life Lion Pilot?

Check out the video below if you want to learn more about the Life Lion Pilots at the Hershey Medical Center! They fly over town daily and it’s so cool being able to see them land from the Bull Frog trails that lead out to the front of the hospital.

I remember taking a tour of the helicopters when I was a little girl scout and they had to leave right in the middle of the tour to go help a baby that needed medical attention! We watched them in their process and saw them take off. It was truly a remarkable experience.

They contribute so much to the hospital and their work needs to be acknowledged! So please take a peek at this short video!

5 Facts You Might Not Know About the CMN in Hershey, PA

For many people in the central Pennsylvania area, there might be little awareness of how beneficial the Children’s Miracle Network in Hershey is to the Penn State Children’s Hospital. Here are a few useful facts about the organization which is actively saving the lives of children on a daily basis.

By having a better understanding of the organization and the contributions they make towards the children, it makes me want to be a part of the good as well! I hope after reading these you take more pride in the work that comes out of the community’s ability to support the children that live in it!

Fast Five:

  1. They have raised over $69 million for the Penn State Children’s Miracle Network since 1984.
  2. Over $4.5 million have been raised in the 2017-2018 year. 
  3. 100,000 children are treated at the Penn State Children’s Hospital each year. 
  4. In the 2018 year, CMN had over 100,000 patient visits come from the Dauphin County area alone. 
  5. Hershey is one out of the 170 children’s hospitals that the Children’s Miracle Network is in partnership with. 


Interested to find out more? These above facts, as well as many others, can be found by clicking the link below!

Read More Facts

Why The Penn State Hershey Medical Center Glows At Night

Have you ever wondered why the Penn State Medical Center is lit up at night?

Whether you’re visiting the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, driving by it on 322, or if you’re like me, and you can see it after taking five steps outside of your home, this place is quite hard to miss at night.

I remember the first time I noticed the lights shining onto the front crescent of the hospital at night and was taken aback by how bright and colorful it looked. It instantly grabs your attention. Now that it’s been several years, they have done more than try to save energy. I find that they’ve made this a unique and important signature of the hospital today and it affects the public in a positive way.

For example, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color pink is used heavily to support women that have or know someone with breast cancer.

This past month the hospital showed their support for women everywhere by lighting the front of the hospital with pink LED lights a few nights throughout the month. It was impossible to miss from the highway and easily visible from a mile away.

By doing this, the hospital is spreading awareness to the public and sending out the message that they are in full support of the health challenges that need recognition in our community. Also, they do themed lighting for specific holidays throughout the year such as the Fourth of July. This year,  the building was divided into thirds of red, white, and blue.

It is so subtle yet so effective and quite frankly a little fun. Some nights they do different designs and colors and it can be exciting to drive by on your way from work and see what color the hospital is that night.

So, the next time you’re out and about one night, take a detour on you’re way home and drive by the front of the hospital and see for yourself how the hospital is engaging with its people just by the switch of a button and a few lightbulbs.

Check out their page here.

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