Why does it seem like you have to die in order for people to love you? Or at least pretend to love you? The culture of not supporting each other had been widely embraced, but needs to be changed. Over the past week, recently deceased rapper ‘XXXtentacion’ has had a major boost in his record sales. The only down side to this is that he’s not around to see it. His song “SAD” is now ranking number one on the the ‘Hot 100 Billboard’ after his passing. I think that this is a culture that needs to be addressed. There is nothing wrong with supporting people simply because you like them. Forget what the rest of the world around you is doing and I think a lot of times people don’t wanna be the odd one out, but that isn’t always a person’s true feelings. The whole world loved XXX when he dropped the song ‘Look  At Me’, but everyone hated him when his ex’ girlfriend lied about domestic violence. Almost to a point where his music career wasn’t looking to good. Somehow though, when you die, your back in the worlds’ good graces. I personally think that isn’t authentic at all. If you like the music then like the music. Don’t follow the tide of what everyone else is doing. It happened then and it’s still happening now. I mean granted this time he has a bandwagon on his side but lets be real, the majority of the people who are tuning in weren’t XXX fans before he died. They just want to do what everyone else is doing. I say show support when a persons alive. Let them know that their art is appreciated while they are able to still appreciate it. That’s just how I feel though. How do you feel? I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents on the matter as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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