Born and raised in the heart of North Philadelphia, a King has risen. Only 23 years old but has the hunger, passion, and desire to be legendary in the music industry. Though being a well paid performer is never promised no matter how talented one is, he finished high school. Graduating with honors and then he went to college. Majoring in media communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania ┬áhe focused on audio engineering for two specific reasons. The first being so that he could learn his way around a sound board in addition to learning how to mix and master. And the second but most import reason, as a back up plan just in case being a performer doesn’t work out. Now in his senior year of college the young inspiring talent is set to revive his B.A in communication upon completion of a summer internship. Which it just so happens to be that he will be doing that internship at the IUP radio station. Seems like everything is falling into place. And with dedication and preparation the sky is the limit.