Earlier today, rapper ‘Cardi B’ became the first female hip-hop artist to score two number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Her smash hit “I Like It”, from her first studio album “Invasion of Privacy”, which was released earlier this year, has set her apart from any other female artist of today’s and past times.  Should this be the way of the industry though? Why is it that in the music industry if a female artist is not a singer then she has no chance at making it in the industry? The whole idea of “rapping” being something only male artist get recognized for is bogus to me. Females have always had it tough in this world that has been tailored to men. The least we can do as a society is start changing the tide. Or at least we can try. There are plenty of other artist that have come before ‘Cardi B’, but never got the proper recognition. Simply because they were female. It almost makes me wonder how much different her career would be if she never started dating ‘Offset’. Being the girlfriend turned wife, of a member of one of the most influential boy bands in the music game right now, can be a major popularity boost. Which brings me back to my point of changing tides. I feel that females should get the same respect as their male counter parts. At the end of the day, talent will always speak for itself. The catch is people have to be willing to give talent a chance. So if said talent comes in the form of a female so be it. She is deserving of all credit. It’s just that simple. I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents on the matter as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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