Hip-hop legend C-Murder, the younger brother of hip-hop mogul Master-P, is currently serving a life sentence behind bars for a crime that he didn’t commit. In 2009, C-murder was convicted of killing 16 year old Steven Thomas outside a night club in Louisiana. However, the tables may soon turn as a key witness admits to lying on the stand during the time of the initial trial. The primary witness in this case, same person who identified C-Murder as the killer just recanted their statement a few days ago. In an affidavit filled with the 24th Judicial District Court, Kenneth Jordan said, “I know that the individual who I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller”. This is disturbing as it reveals that the detectives and prosecutors from the Jefferson Parish Sherifs Office intimidated Mr. Jordan to make false statements all those years ago. The crazy thing about all of this is that there was evidence that would have went against the prosecution’s story and timeline of events leading up to the shooting that night that would have potentially exonerated C-Murder completely or at least given the jury reasonable doubt. There is a huge hole in the American judicial system and it has been this way for far too long. Too many innocent people are doing time for crimes they didn’t commit and it is simply not right. As citizens, we put our trust in the people with the positions mentioned above, and we hope that they will do right by us in return. However, history has shown us time and time again that they are in fact very capable of letting us down. Whether it be blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, or whatever the case may be, people need to be help responsible for lying or unjustly prosecuting someone due to their personal biases. This goes on way too often in this country and the only way to make a change is to start a rational conversation about the matter. What do you think? I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents on the matter as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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