Prepping for Designs: Make Sure You Have Sketches!!

Do you ever get frustrated when trying to complete a graphic design project? We’ve all been there. Follow these steps to avoid getting stressed out.

  1.  Think about your ideas. Make sure to jot down notes so you don’t forget. I like to start with broad ideas and narrow it down as I have more concrete thoughts. Write down small details and get specific to make it easier on yourself.
  2.  Start your sketches! This part is crucial. In school, they have always  beat it into our heads that sketches are the most important part. Here, you’ll want to draw basic designs of what you want to make. After you have a solid idea, you’ll want to make more finalized sketches. You can even add color to get more in depth. I like to use traditional pencil and paper but you could also sketch on Photoshop or similar programs.
  3.  Start your project! Refer back to your notes and sketches to be able to get your work done quickly. Since you planned ahead, you should already know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Try out this three step process next time you have a project. It will save you tons of time and frustration, which means better work as the outcome.

Hope you guys learned something today! Share this link and stay tuned for another post tomorrow!

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