Using Photoshop for Digital Painting

Do you love to draw? I do too, but doing so digitally can be frustrating sometimes. Using the right products and knowing small tricks will make it go a lot smoother.

I like to use my laptop to draw because it has a touch screen along with a pen. You could also use an iPad with the stylus or a Wacom tablet. Look back to my blog about the best products to decide which would be right for you.

My preferred program for digital painting is Photoshop. It’s super easy and I like that I can download brushes (sometimes for free). It also helps that I am familiar with Adobe because I am able to set up my workspace easily. Make sure to set up yours with shortcuts you use a lot (ex: brushes, stoke, etc).

Here are some sites you can get free brushes from:

It can be a struggle to get drawings to turn out the way you want. I suggest making sketches to get familiar with the tools. I like to use the paintbrush tool and alternate with the hardness of the brush and opacity to blend. It is also helpful to watch videos on YouTube or similar sites in order to get a better feel for it.

Watch this link to learn more about painting with Photoshop:

Hope you guys learned something today! Share this link and stay tuned for another post tomorrow!

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