Why March Is The Best Time To Apply For A Summer Internship

March is the busiest and most crucial month for internship applications; here’s how to stand out and land a summer gig.

Why March Is The Best Time To Apply For A Summer Internship
[Photo: Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock]

According to data by LinkedIn, more summer interns are hired in March than any other month of the year.

There were 70,000 U.S. internship listings on the professional networking site in February. If historical trends are any indicator, that number will likely jump above six figures during the month of March.

“It is the dead center of internship season; it is a crucial month,” says Lauren Berger, founder of Internqueen.com and author of two books on interning, including All Work, No Pay and Welcome to the Real World. “If you don’t have those materials ready, sit down this weekend, block out some time, give those materials a facelift, go over your resume and your cover letter, and make sure you’ve got some references ready to go.”

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