Positive Fan Behaviors

So you want to avoid crossing the line, but still want to be a passionate and supportive fan? That’s great, here are some examples of ways that you can support your team and enjoy the beautiful game without crossing the line.

  • Vocally supporting your team and not focusing on their opponents
  • Reporting other fans that you see crossing the line
  • Creating funny and positive chants and songs about the team and players that you support
  • Taking the pledge not to cross the line
  • Encouraging others to take the pledge
  • Educating younger fans on how to positively support their team
  • Focus on language and messages that build your team up and boos the confidence of the players that you support.

Crossing The Line As A Player: Crossing The Line With Referees

So what does it look like to cross the line as a player? Well let’s start with the easy example. I am of course talking about interacting with referees. Picture this, it’s the heat of the game, it’s a tight game, you’re working hard, and suddenly the referee makes a bad call! What do you do?  It’s the referee’s fault that now you’re going lose the game! You’re mad, you’re angry, you’re upset! So you start yelling at the ref, telling them that they are the worst, that they stink at their job!

But yelling at the referee isn’t going to do you any good. In fact, it just makes you look bad. If you go far enough, it could even get you kicked out of the game, hurting your team even more than the bad call did. Instead of yelling at the referee, focus on what you can control. Control the controllables, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control if the ref will make the make right call or not, sometimes you can’t even control the way that the ball bounces. All you can control is how you’re playing, and how you react to any of these challenges. By focusing on playing your best and trying and overcoming these challenges rather than losing your temper anytime something goes against you, you’re actually going to probably have a better impact on the game than just yelling at the referee for messing up would have. Plus, you’re going to look a lot better in the eyes of your teammates, fans, parents, and coaches, all while setting a great example for everyone else on the field.