Major League Soccer is dedicated to supporting the communities where we live and play our games, and to providing an environment in which our staff, clubs, players, partners and supporters are treated with dignity and respect.

Don’t Cross the Line emphasizes the League’s commitment to end discrimination of any kind and promotes an atmosphere of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the soccer community.

The goal of this campaign is to encourage positive fan, player, and coach interaction in all avenues of the world of soccer. Soccer lovers are encouraged to take the pledge to not cross the line, and to adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship, civility, and respect both on and off of the field.

Teams that agree to take the pledge can sign up to receive custom uniform patches to demonstrate their commitment to this campaign, and fans can help to support the campaign by purchasing custom #DONTCROSSTHELINE scarves. All proceeds from the sales of these items will go towards supporting the efforts of this campaign to create a more positive atmosphere in the game that we all love and cherish.