R. Kelly an R&B singer, has recently become the trending topic. Lifetime aired a documentary, Surviving R.Kelly. To summarize, women shared traumatizing stories of statutory rape, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and being held hostage by the singer. R. Kelly married Aaliyah, also an R&B singer. Aaliyah was 15 years of age when she married the singer.

This topic has caused controversy with many people and their shared opinions. So many people have posted about this subject on their social media sites. In my opinion, the support for those black women, once black girls, from a large majority is not present. You could tell by the comments that were posted. Many people questioned, blamed, judged, made memes, and felt that those then black girls knew what they were getting themselves into. While I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, when it comes to black girls fighting sexual harassment and/or rape, people always question their stories. Sometimes, their own mothers refuse to believe them when they confide.

History has shown itself over again in the way black girls are treated when it comes to sexualization. What makes it difficult to make this stop? Most of the time young black girls do not know that they are being sexualized. Those who are keeping sexualization alive for black girls, are manipulative and sick.

Mothers! When your black daughter starts to reach puberty, have a special talk with her.  Teach her about herself. Let her know right from wrong. Allow yourself to be a constant listener for her.

In what other ways can we help? Please feel free to share your thoughts!