Chiyel Young is in her graduating year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She studies Developmental Studies as her major as a full-time student online.  Outside of earning her degree, Ms. Young, works as a Youth Development Specialist in Pittsburgh, PA for a non-profit organization called Gwen’s Girls. She also presently serves her country in the United States Army National Guard.

Ms. Young is a native of Pittsburgh, PA where she bleeds black and gold colors proudly. Raised by her parents, who taught her morals, values, ambition, and to be industrious, she has continued to push forward and work hard to be a positive role model for the youth in Pittsburgh. Ms. Young has been in the labor-force since she was of legal age to work. Over the years, she has continued to work hard throughout various jobs until everything paid off for her and she finally landed in the field of her calling, “our youth!”

Her greatest accomplishment is the joy she gains from helping to put a smile on a child’s face. She feels that children are our future and that it most certainly takes a village to raise a child. Although Ms. Young does not have any children of her own, she has many nieces, nephews, and younger cousins in her family, which causes her to remain a positive influence for them. She is also a devoted Baptist Christian. She ministers to people through Gospel Miming. She also makes her presence known throughout the community by volunteering for other organizations for youth, as well as advocating for our youth in any way possible.

Many people may wonder why Ms. Young’s passion is working with youth. Out of the many employers she has worked for, the first job she has ever really appreciated was when she was given the opportunity to be a youth care worker for a youth placement facility for at-risk children. Working there was when she realized that she had a gift for children and could reach them in a special way. She counts it as a blessing she has been gifted with.

After she graduates, Ms. Young wishes to start her own Non-Profit organization for young-teenage girls. The organization will help to transition teenage girls who are embarking on woman-hood.