Sometimes I sit and wonder is this really happening? My entire year has been filled with those moments as I am sure they have for you as well. I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that there is a global pandemic and we are stuck at home. Then there was the news of murder hornets in America as well. In addition, there is also an election coming up and many things coming out of the woodwork in this area not to get into details. A hurricane just blew through the eastern part of the United States hitting Jersey and Pa hard with huge flooding because of how dry the land was. This has been anything but an uneventful year or even just summer in general. I sit and wonder if this is really happening or just a dream. There is constant stress from everyone because of the situations that people are in. Let alone there may not even be schools for another part of the year. I have no clue if I am supposed to attend college or not because I do not want to put the people I love in danger. It is a constant stress and worrying that is hard to escape because almost everyone has the same worries. To top it all off once again we are living in this pandemic so when you go out every day you risk getting sick. The only good thing is that it is finally summer, and we are not stuck inside when it is 50 degrees out, you can find outdoor activities to participate in.  Unfortunately, there is no word on a vaccine and that may not be for many months. I try not to worry about these things, but when they all add up it is a weight on my shoulders. I just hope things will start to pass and we will start to get answers on everything. I feel as if I do not know enough of the right information and that could be why I am stressed. Do you agree with me on feeling stressed thinking about what summer 2020 has become?

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