Traditions are so important to me. I personally love doing the same things over and over again each year, it is something that I look forward to doing. There is something so special and secure in having a plan and sticking to it. My family’s tradition since before I was born was going to Ocean City New Jersey and spending a week there with family or friends. We have certain spots at this beach that we cannot live without. Firstly, we can barely make it a day there without having Mac and Mancos pizza. This is probably one of the best pizzas I have ever had and will ever have. Their service is so fast within 10 minutes of getting there you are already sitting drinking Pennsylvania birch beer and eating a pizza. The amazing thing about this pizza is that it is think so you can eat plenty of slices. We have tried getting takeout, but it is not even close to how good it is in the restaurant. Then in the morning we usually ride our bikes to a place called bungalow bowls. They are home to the sweetest, most refreshing smoothie bowls I have ever had. There is something about working up a sweat to eat a bowl that just brings your whole day together. Within the last couple years, we found a new spot as well that has quickly made out to do list. One morning on a bike ride my mom and I smelled something amazing. It was the smell of fresh bread; so, what did we do WE followed the smell and it took us to Bennies Bread where there was a literal line out the door. We marked it down and went the next night with my dad and brothers. The food was to die for, and I think we may have gotten one of everything to eat. I think what makes these places so near and dear to our hearts is the customer service. Each employee from each of these businesses is a joy to be around and will brighten your day. These people make you want to keep coming back not only because the food is amazing, but because you know that they love their jobs. Comment what some of your famous traditions are and what makes them so special to you.

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