What is digital English to me?

Honestly, digital English seems to be a very broad term that applies to all of those things that are written online, but I think that there is a difference between something that is specifically written for an online audience (a blog or an online magazine) versus something that is published in print and then put online through a PDF or some other form. In addition, there are some online texts that are not as well done as others. As a former journalist, I think about the differences in terms of those who write blog posts/Facebook posts/Tweets about events and the journalists who are trained on how to report an event. While citizen journalism has become important in our ever-changing world, I think that there is still value in the professional journalists. Similarly, this is how I would distinguish between those who just simply write whatever they want online and those who adhere to particular conventions for online publication.

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2 thoughts on “What is digital English to me?

  1. I find it interesting from a journalistic approach. With the ability for basically anyone to post whatever they like on blogs and through online sites, it becomes more difficult for the professional journalists to get their voice out there. I think that this was a good point that you made about who can post and also how the availability of digital English can influence the profession world as well as just the academic world.

  2. As an editor in my home country, I understand the value of doing an editing task. Sometimes, an editor’s suggestions may look critical or picky. However, that is the way and responsibility to maintain the quality of writing for readers. Living in a free publishing digital world, a reader needs to know how to distinguish professional or non-professional information from a website. While spending time viewing blogs, I believe that readers are practicing their literacy skills.

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