Twine and Brainstorming

For my pedagogy mini-project, I wanted to think of something that I might actually use in an Eng 101 or Eng 202 course here at IUP. For my Eng 101 syllabus, I included an Observational Essay where students would act like journalists, attend an event on campus, create questions, actually interview a few people involved with the event, develop an article, and then write the final article. I am really excited for this project, since many of you know that I am a former sports writer and I think that learning to write something like this can be helpful for students in the future. While they may not become journalists or writers, knowing important elements of events can help if they ever have to write a memo to a boss about something that happened at a meeting or if they ever have to put together a press release for a charity event.

I have two primary concerns regarding this assignment:

1) Can students create thoughtful questions that would give them enough information to develop a full 2-3 page article?

2) Students tend to have difficulty organizing their ideas and organization is extremely important when putting together a journalistic article.

To try to work through these concerns, I would have students use Twine (through my guidance/hand-holding) to develop their questions and post their answers. Here is a link to my website with the HTML of my Twine (this Blog site won’t let me upload it).

The goal would be for students to create their own Twines, as I guide them through how to develop this super basic structure using Twine and how to add their content to their Twine. I think the biggest technological obstacle would be showing them how to Archive their sites so they could save them. Since the goal isn’t to teach them html coding, I would probably have them email me their Archived .html sites or we could look at them in class, so I could look at their questions and offer direct comments within their Twines.

This project will be expanded for the final project and will include the full Unit plan, including incorporating peer review and an examination of an already published article.

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