Omeka and Visual Gothic

After going on a short sabbatical for medical issues (as I’m sure everyone is aware), I was able to compile an exhibit through Omeka. These images were open access images from some Gothic texts from 1765-1830. While I couldn’t find free images for all the Gothic texts from the time, I was able to find a wide range from some of the major texts (however, it was difficult to determine if all of the images I found were from the original manuscripts or from reissued/republished works).

Here is my Omeka site:

Go to featured Exhibit to see how I organized the images.

Initially, I thought I might find more images that showed violence or terror enacted toward women, but the overarching theme seemed to be more of a focus on the Medieval. While this wasn’t entirely surprising, it was a little unexpected. Now, this could be because of the limitation of open access images or just that the images were not as overtly violent as a modern scholar/audience might expect.

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