What’s Inside That Time Capsule?

Last week we unveiled a time capsule from 1953 found in the cornerstone of Leonard Hall. Today we have the contents from inside the capsule to share with you! A display will be presented in the library after Spring Break.

Thanks to our archivist, Harrison Wick, we now have everything digitally scanned and saved on our website. Here are publications that were inside the time capsule:

1950 ISTC History: Alumni News Bulletin

June 1953 Alumni News Bulletin

1953-1954 Catalog

Additionally, there were smaller pamphlets and news bulletins inside discussing the 1952 fire that destroyed Leonard Hall and in that same year when Whitmyre Hall opened. We’ve included the 1954 dedication of Leonard Hall in this collection as well, as it mentions the time capsule.

1952 Fire Destroyed Old Leonard Hall

1952 December 14 Whitmyre Hall Open House

1954 Dedication of Leonard Hall

Finally, here is a gallery of photos found inside the capsule, with one addition, again, with the new plans for Leonard Hall in 1954:

Thank you for your interest in this time capsule and our university’s history. As mentioned earlier these items will be put on display for the public after Spring Break and we will share updates with you when they are organized.