The Knowledge Repository @ IUP

The Knowledge Repository @ IUP showcases the breadth of scholarship produced and digital collections found at IUP, including faculty and student work.

In September, the Knowledge Repository @ IUP had 8372 full-text downloads and 2333 total works in the repository. Indiana University of Pennsylvania scholarship was read by 918 institutions across 137 countries.

The most popular papers were:

Magnesium and Copper (II) Chloride: A Curious Redox Reaction (228 downloads)

Industrial Zinc Plating Processes (210 downloads)

Power and Parody: Flann O’Brien’s Satire of Repressive Irish Identity, 1937-1966 (186 downloads)

The most popular publications were:

Theses and Dissertations (All) (6941 downloads)

Air Ship Patents (824 downloads)

Cook Honors College Theses (431 downloads)