Cybersecurity Tips for Student Success

October is National Cybersecurity Month and today on campus is the Tenth Cybersecurity Day at IUP. Being smart about your online security is a step in the right direction leading to your future success. As supporters of that success, we’ve offered some tips on how to be more secure when online.

Earlier in the month, political science students put together presentations in the library all about cybersecurity. These tips have been pulled from their presentations and we’re now passing them on to you.

Know your cyber footprint.Protect your reputation.“THINK” before you post.

Create strong passwords.Protect your privacy.Remember when you’re online that what you post matters. It will matter now as a student and in your future when you’re looking for employment or applying to graduate school. You aren’t always as secure as you think you are. So be smart and be safe out there. We’re all rooting for you!