Final Project!

Working on Twine was one of the amazing websites I have ever been working on. Since the day Prof. Sherwood gave us the task of creating twine my head was so confused of what to give. So, as I wanted… Continue Reading →

My Final Pedagogical Essay!

Coming from Saudi Arabia to study in America was one of the biggest events of my life. Studying in Saudi Arabia was really hard idea. Professor and doctor were allowing us and proudly asking us to record their voices in… Continue Reading →

Voyant Visualization!

Voyant is a very helpful tool for everyone to discover the most used words or ideas in any text. Two years ago, I was working In a high school as an English teacher. Indeed, I used to do some introductions… Continue Reading →


Indeed, Twine was my door to show how using the hypertext in Twine is very useful way to expand he student knowledge about any specific word or information in the text. At the beginning of using hypertext I was really… Continue Reading →

101 Creative Digital Writing

Since the time I have been introduced to Omeka, I was honestly thinking deeply about my journey in learning English as second language. The most thing I was struggling with was reading and sometimes writing. Therefore, I though of creating… Continue Reading →

Digital Humanities Brain Pickings

  Checking on Brain Pickings for the first time makes me think about how this website is an exemplary DH project ?. Clearly, several reason would make you think that this website is greatly created to fulfill the objectives of… Continue Reading →

My Body

Dear readers, Do you have any idea who is this little guy ? this is actually my son, Ammar 🙂 Honestly, I believe that Shelly Jackson is a very great writer because she uses more than one thing to present her… Continue Reading →

The Promise of Digital Humanities for me

Good morning!  Since the beginning of this morning I was really shocked and happy at the same time. Indeed, I had no idea that I would be taught to create my own blog at least once in my lifetime. Not… Continue Reading →

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