Coming from Saudi Arabia to study in America was one of the biggest events of my life. Studying in Saudi Arabia was really hard idea. Professor and doctor were allowing us and proudly asking us to record their voices in order to be able to play it again and memorize whatever information they are saying. We had no creativity, whether in the lectures or in the presentation methods. Honestly, we were stuck and we were not developing at all. I believe that students should be asked to think out of the box and should be asked to help the professor in her teaching not to be only listener. The professor doesn’t have to do all the lecturing, they have to show him that they understood in a way or another. So, having the experience to be a students in Saudi and later on in the United State of America showed me the real difference ways and chances of giving a lesson. Moreover, having this course made me really think deeply how teaching English literature could be very enjoyable, not the way I used to receive it from my professors by on lecturing method. Therefore, this essay will show the digital pedagogical way of my teaching later on the future, putting some focus on the reasons of using digital humanities in the classrooms and explaining some features of the way I want my website to be.

So, in this essay I explained:

1: what are the features I used in my future website, whether Omeka, WordPress, or any other.

2: I also explained how I want my lesson to be in the website and the way I will be teaching my students these lessons.

3: I also explained how I will be teaching my student to create their own websites.

4: I mentioned the WHY of using digital tools in my future teaching.

5: I added the benefits of using digital teaching such as using multimedia, including more information on the future, and coming back easily to the created website.

6: I talked slightly about he disadvantages of the traditional educational ways of teaching.


Thank you.

It was really pleasure having this class with you all!