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Good evening one all, today I am coming to talk to you about video editing according to Media (

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process – other post-production tasks include titling, color correction, sound mixing etc.

Many people use the term editing to describe all their post-production work, especially in non-professional situations. The following terminology falls under the meaning of editing:

  • Rearranging, adding and/or removing sections of video clips and/or audio clips
  • Applying color correction, filters and other enhancements
  • Creating transitions between clips

When you are editing your video or film you should first determine what is required in editing.

Time: When editing your project, it’s important to know how long is the video once you have determined the length you can move on to the next step.

Removing unwanted footage: Simply getting rid of the flawed or unwanted bits

Choose the best footage: Normally while filming you would take numerous shots of the area you are working or the events being performed, that way you can review and choose what footage you would like to use.

 Create a flow: Telling a story or providing information from the footage you have taken,

Add effects, graphics, music, etc.: Improving your project by doing a little extra to the film will have your customer lost for words by how well you made the film look.

Alter the style, pace or mood of the video: Techniques such as mood music and visual effects can influence how the audience will react.

Give the video an angle: Video can be tailored to support a certain viewpoint to tell a story of what is being filmed.

Have you thought about what it takes to edit a video? Please share your comments with me and others because I have more to share tomorrow.



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