Hello everyone, I want to invite you to follow me as I take you on a journey through the Life of an Intern. I am currently doing my internship in Northern Cambria, PA at Cam-Ron Video Production as a television production assistant, a Television production assistant are responsible for providing administrative and organizational support to senior production staff prior to, during and after production of a program. My role as a television production assistant is different from the standard definition given about the position, my role in this job is to edit previously recorded performances that occurred prior to me working for the company. When we go filming I am required to help carry equipment into the facility or the area outside once I have helped move the equipment to the location we will unpack everything and start laying wire, once the wire is laid it time to check the audio, cameras and the people you are filming to make sure no last-minute changes have been made.

I drive 226 miles every day from Youngstown, OH to Northern Cambria, Pa plus I have driven even further to different locations to perform my duties as an intern. In doing this job I have been able to learn how to run the video switcher which allows you to switch from three different cameras to catch the right shot of the performance. Before you can even get that far I must lay wire from the switcher to the different cameras plus sound microphone wire from the stage, podium or audience to get the right sound of the performance. When it comes to outside filming you are required to be patient with the outside elements because you cannot control the environment. It has taken us two days to film one episode all because we ran into issues we had not control over; the first obstacle we came across was the landscapers wanting to cut grass the same time we were filming which caused us to leave and drive another park; the second obstacle was the wind blowing causing noise on the microphone, messing up the hair of our actor, and blow our props around; the third obstacle was the sun and clouds at one moment the sun was shining bright and then the clouds would cause a cover that I had to use a reflector to catch any light if possible.

Have you had similar experience while doing your internship, if so please with me and others because I have more to share tomorrow.

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